Abstract Book 2018

This Abstract Book contains:

The same front pages that are in the hardcopy Program plus new interactive:
1. session summary
2. full text of accepted abstracts
3. index of authors and co-authors
4. instructions to use this abstract book (below)


The Abstract Book is available in several formats. All formats feature mutual hypertext links between the schedule, abstracts, and the author index.
•   The full-sized Microsoft Word version for desktop or laptop users offers popup hints - to see them hover the mouse over the hyperlink.

  • Alternatively, a PDF version (faster download) is also available.

•    Users of small mobile devices (smartphones or small tablets): While you can certainly use the full-sized Word or PDF versions if your device supports them, we have re-flown the Abstract Book to about 4-inch width so that if you are viewing the book on a smartphone you do not need to shift the screen horizontally (with some exceptions). Mobile versions of the Adobe Reader can be downloaded, for example, from Google Play for Android, Windows Phone Store, etc. Please note that the smaller PDF doe snot contain only the abstract data and excludes the conference and vendor information.  

Based on the type of program you chose to read this book, you will be able to search for keywords in the abstracts that relate to your areas of interest or add your own notes or bookmars.

This listing contains information about each presentation including all of the authors and their affiliations.  If you wish to find out, for example, when Barney Doyle’s talk is to be given, just look up his name in the author index at the end of this book:

Find the author in the index

Then click on the abstract number to read the full abstract or the session code to view other presentations in the same session.

When you are viewing the abstract click on the author’s name to skip to the author index again or click on the session time and location to see all other presentations in this session.

Skip to the session summary
The abstract details include the abstract number: 318
The type of presentation: Invited Talk
The day and time Session RE03 starts: Tuesday 1:30 PM
The location:  Presidio C





Going Back or Forward

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Tip for Adobe Reader XI users

Adobe provides "back" and "forward" button capability within the PDF reader similar to that found in web browsers. If the "back" & "forward" buttons are not visible please right-click the toolbar and select "Page navigation" and then check the Previous view and Next view options.

The "back" and "forward" buttons will then appear on the tool bar.